Dr.ColorChip Custom Automotive Touch-Up Paint Kit

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DrColorChip DrColorChip DrColorChip DrColorChip DrColorChip
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Dr. ColorChip's proprietary three-step paint chip repair process is the easiest and most effective way to touch-up minor automotive paint chips and road rash. Effective paint chip repair keeps your car looking like new and protects it from rust and other long-term damage. Easier to use than traditional touch-up paint or paint pens, you'll get professional results and a guaranteed exact OEM match to your car's finish.

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"Our favorite… The instructions begin “Paint! Dab! Remove!” and incredibly, that’s all we needed to do."

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Mike Sternberg, Williamsburg, VA

I just wanted to say that I used your basic paint touch-up kit this past weekend w/ excellent results. I have a vintage Porsche that had some road rash on the front painted bumper and lower area of the hood. Your touch-up paint process gave me flawless results. I can’t even tell where I fixed the paint it worked so well. I was skeptical but am totally sold on your product.
Eric Falk, Sausalito, CA

There are (were) some dings, surface scratches and chips in the paint from nine years of use. I applied your paint to these areas as you say in your directions and miraculously the scratches and chips were gone! Your product is amazing and is everything you claim it to be.
Bob Perl, Powder Springs, GA

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The results are amazing. Not only does the process offer a superior "look", it offers durability no other touch up process we tried can match.
Bruce Beam, General Manager, Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City

I bought a kit to use on my 2007 Mercedes SL550. I was a little nervous trying to touch up the paint on my car. I just used it and am amazed at the results. I had a small but noticeable chip right next to the license plate. I followed the directions and in less than 5 minutes the chip was gone, you can't even tell there was ever a chip there or that any touch up had ever been done.
Cindy Elgamal, Sugar Land, TX

Your product is one of the very few that claim to provide a product that sounds 'too good to be true' BUT DELIVERS COMPLETELY ON THAT PROMISE. My car looks like a brand new car and the color match was perfect! Thanks for delivering a product that does exactly as you state and actually exceeded my expectations. The best businesses promise less and deliver more, and that is certainly my experience with your company.
Rick Ealey, McAlester, Oklahoma

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I was skeptical when I saw the demo photos, but I have to say the repairs came out just like your website shows them. The 'no blobs' concept is a great one, and I was really impressed at the final result.
Howard Silverman, NY

I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical as to whether your product would work as well as the claims, but I was pleasantly surprised. The procedure couldn't be any easer. Not much work for great results, especially with multiple applications.
George Michaels, Virginia Beach,VA

I've tried several paint chip repairs before. I purchased the genuine Porsche 2-stage paint chip repair kit. I've been to several concours schools and learned the proper handling of micro brushes and tooth picks. Let me cut right to the summary: I used the Dr. ColorChip kit to repair all those other 'repair' efforts I made, and it corrected all of them.
John Miller, The MidShip Report (December)